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What we offer

Dubbing - Studio

Dubbing, post-dubbing (ADR) and dubbing of feature films, series and videos. Voice recording for computer games, EPK, trailer, film clips. Our recording room is designed according to the latest state of the acoustics, with regard to worldwide standards of Walt Disney, by the company W-A-X- GmbH. We work in all common formats and provide you with what you need for further processing on your system. Avid Protools, Nuendo, Blackmagic video. Our pool of microphones is breathtaking. Ask for an offer!


Over 15 years of experience in production, recording and mixdown. Band and artist coaching during production. Arrangement, production-planning, organization and dealing with every technique and software. Rock, Analog, Modern and Avantgarde or Classic. Capturing and transporting emotions is always our goal. Guitars, drums, vocals, strings, basses, synths or just noises. In the studio or outdoors, in a warehouse or in your living room.


We are mixing analog or pure digital, it is your choice.

Our technical equipment combines a modern DAW system, up-to-date plug-ins and high-quality digital converters with the best analog equipment. 48 outputs (up to 24bit / 192kHz) are summed up to an analog Neumann mixer and are available for mixdown. A Lemo patch-bay allows all devices to be integrated into mix and recording. Come by and take a look at our analog equipment park, you will be thrilled.

Our Equipment

Neumann Gefell UM57
Neumann Gefell CMV563 with M7 & M55K
Neumann TLM170 R with N248 (2x)
Neumann TLM127 with N248 (2x)
Neumann M149 Tube (2x)
Neumann M49
Neumann KM183 (2x)
Neumann KM184 (2x)
Neumann U87ai Sennheiser
Coles 4038 (2x)
MKH800 (3x)
MBHO 603 with KA100, KA100D, KA100DS, KA200 (2x)
MBHO 608 (3x)
AKG C414 LTD (3x)
Shure SM58 & SM57
Beyer M260 N Ribbon
Schumann MDS 3-N & MKS 3-7
Sennheiser MD421(3X)
Sennheiser MD441(2X)
MXL Ribbon
Several special vintage mics
PSI Audio 17M + 225 Sub
Musikelektronik Geithain RL940, RL906
Neumann KH 120 A
ADAM A7 (5.1)
Beyerdynamic DT770 pro (3x)
Sony MDR-7509
AKG 240 Monitor
Sennheiser HD25
True passive relay – based Monitor Contorler – Custom built by Fonoejt Audio
Hearback – Monitoring System for Artist / Recordist (3 Mixer)
ADR / Video
TFT – Displays 16:9 in control-room and recording-room
Video-transfer in SDI
Blackmagic Video (SDI & HDMI)
ADR-system Nunedo & Ediprompt
(compatible with FEG DS-Taker & Eurotaker)
Receive and delivery with Protools – Sessions
Internet-connection in both, control- and recording-room
Apple MAC-Pro 6.1
Steinberg Nuendo
Logic Pro X + Logic Pro 9
UAD-2 Octo PCIe
Celemony Melodyne
Waves AU + Rtas
Vienna Instruments Spectrasonics, etc.
RME Micstasy
Motu 112D
Motu 16Ao
Lexicon PCM 70
Eventide Harmonizer
Roland Space Echo
Roland Space Chorous
Efectron Studio Delay
API 3124+
Universal Audio 8110 Precision 8 Ch preamp
Universal Audio 6176
Universal Audio LA 610 MK II
Neuman V476b (1X)
Neumann OV 60 (2X)
Siemens V276 (4X)
ANT – Telefunken Mic – Pre
GERMANIUM Custom made (RCA) (2X)
TL – Audio Valve Preamp / EQ 1 Classic
RME Micstasy
Dynamic / EQ
Universal Audio 6176
Universal Audio LA 610 MK II
UREI 1178
1176 – Replica Blue Stripe with modifications custom made (Dual Mono)
Urei-Teletronix LA2A orig. Vintage (2x)
NTP 179-400 Custom made (Dual Mono / Stereo)
W295 Siemens EQ (Dual Mono)
Drawmer DL251 Spectral Compressor
Valley People Dynamite
TL – Audio EQ 1 Classic
Neumann PEa EQ (Stereo)
Neumann W491A EQ
Mix / Master
Analog summing / Neumann 475 -2C (48/2/2)
Studer A80 Master-Recorder 1/4-inch(calibrated 320nW CCIR)
LUDWIG 60 ́s Blue Oyster Shellset
Tama Superstar Hyperdrive Shellset
Pearl Export 80 ́s Shellset
LUDWIG Supraphonic Snare
PREMIER Birch – Snare
PEACE Phosphor Bronce hand hammered Snare
2X Wooden Barrel-style Snares
VOX AC 30 Vintage italy
Marshall Bluesbraker 1962 reissue
Marshall JTM45
Fender Bassman
Peavey Classic 50
Peavey Backstage
L & S Electronics -Posseidon Hybrid
Custom built ́s
Yamaha CP 70
Fender Rhodes Piano MK II
Sperhake Spinett
Several E + Acoustic Guitars
Korg Prophecy
Vermona E-Piano (1978)

Our Team

Frederic Janz

Founder and manager of Fonojet Audio. Over 20 years of experience in recording, mixdown, dubbing (ADR) and music production building up the basis for the operation of Fonojet Audio. He is a passionate producer, recording studio operator, arranger, composer, sound engineer and loves music with all its colors. Technical knowledge combined with experience and empathy for every situation during production in recording studios and dubbing-ateliers ensure a smooth process for your production.

Richard Zurke

Sound engineer, songwriter and musician. Ruthless devotion to music, artists and sounds. Since 2009 he has worked in several studios around the city of Berlin and also visited Europe with several bands as a producer and musician. We are pleased to have him as a resident with us in the team!


For SDI MEDIA: Looney Tunes, Mighty Magiswords, Dorothy And The Wizzard Of Oz, – German Dubbing- recording //  Free State Of Jones – German Dubbing – Recording // Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen (Nena) – Album Recording Nena feat. Nena // Lutz Fahrenkrog-Petersen – Co – Production) // MAI – Co – Production, Arrangements, Mix, Recording // Christian Geller (No Angels, Thomas Anders, Sambakids) – Co – Production // Nick Launay (Supergrass) – Assitance // Alex Silva (Herbert Groenemeyer, Nelly Furtado) – Recording) // Headman – Album Mix // Christian Anders – Production // Egill – Mix / Recording // Wiltrud Weber – Production // Palmer – Co – Production // Voodo (Lumi Dee) – Recording // Polkaholix – Recording Album // Capital Dance Orchestra – Recording Album, // Baby Universal – Recording // Brass Band Berlin – Recording / Mix Album // Fonojet – Co – Production / Recording / Mix Album // Katarina Wittig – Recording / Mix // Kyrania Records – Production

Conny Ochs – Recording // Tim Neuhaus – Drumrecording // JonahDrumrecording // Hannas Reise – ADR- Synchron // 2P-Productions (Cologne, Germany) // Stiller Sommer – ADR-Synchron // SCIO Edutainment AG – PIXI Wissen Synchron, Etwas Neues Entsteht GmbH – Produktion // Marianne Rosenberg – Rent Mix – Suite // Public Image  – M-Rosenberg // Killing Lawrence at Hansa + Fonojet – Recording + Mix // Hans Rohe – Production // Livingston – Co- Recording with Clemens Matznik // Nils Landgren at Hansa – Recording, Wenzel – Live-Mix + Live – CD – Recording // Gareth Jones -Co – Recording

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